Molly’s Veil

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By Sharon Bajer

Who knew that Canada’s first female Mayor had a first lady?

Charolotte Whitton’s personal documents reveal a unique woman.

As the first female Mayor of a major Canadian city, Charlotte Whitton took her place in the history books when she rose to office as Mayor of Ottawa in 1952. An advocate for women’s and children’s rights, she was charged with libel by the Alberta government when she questioned its adoption process that seemed to ‘traffic’ the children of single women and the poor. Publicly known as an extraordinarily witty and colourful character who wasn’t afraid to interrogate her mostly male opponents, she shielded her private life from public view.

From the time the two met at Queen’s University, Charlotte Whitton and Margaret Grier’s special relationship was born and chronicled over the years through letters to each other.

Donated to the National Archives of Canada by Whitton, with the stipulation that they not be opened until 1999, her letters and personal journal have been woven into an emotional portrait of a unique woman: crusader, politician and loving partner.

“Gripping, funny and surprisingly moving…”

- Halifax Herald, 2007

“It has a little bit of everything – love, laughter, sorrow and a real look at life.”

        - The Casket, Antigonish, 2007

The best Western Canada Theatre production I have ever seen.”

        – Your Kamloops, 2007

“Absolutely inspired.”

– Swerve Magazine, 2005

“The audience was wiping away tears – first from laughter and later from a crushing farewell scene”

– Winnipeg Sun, 2005

“Bajer’s writing is brilliant”    “Intense…a must see”   

– Winnipeg Free Press, 2005